Pete Mella's writing portfolio

Stuff I've written. All my opinions are my own, not those of any current or former employers.


I’m a writer, living in Sheffield. This is a repository for some articles I have written over the years. I have several interests I write about, including music, culture, wildlife, the environment, technology and random political rants. I have an NCTJ qualification in news reporting, and a degree in Media and Print Journalism.

Recent work includes contributions to Now Then Magazine, Counterfeit Magazine, Sheffield Wildlife Trust’s Kingfisher Magazine, and Bird Watching Magazine, and a regular role editing and contributing to the Sheffield Bird Study Group Bulletin. I also contribute to the University of Sheffield’s Learning Technologies Blog. Going further back I was heavily involved in Sheffield’s Sandman Magazine, and co-ran the Sheffield music website L2SB.

I have a shamefully infrequently updated blog here where I tend to just fume about stuff.

If you want me to write anything for you contact me via Twitter…

@themella (normal stuff)
@shefwildlife (wildlife stuff)

Please note all opinions expressed in articles on this website are my own, and not those of any current or former employers or organisations I’ve been involved with.


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