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The Graveyard Band EP (review)

“Due to the infernal machinations of one very big, banjo-toting band at the moment, “alternative folk” is a genre this reviewer approaches with some trepidation…”

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Birding – A Secret World Of Little Dramas

“My name’s Pete and I’m a birdwatcher.

It’s funny how much that sounds like a confession, even though in reality I’ve just admitted to being involved in one of the most fascinating and exhilarating hobbies there is.”

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Birds in the Sheffield Area 2011

I contributed the “Waxwings – Dunnock” section of the Sheffield Bird Study Group’s 2011 annual report.

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Purgatory Players – Deserts (review)

“Sheffield’s brimming with some rather scarily good songwriting talent at the moment, and The Purgatory Players are up there with the best of them.”

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A-Z of Free Online Stuff – Go!Animate

“Go!Animate is a great tool for creating online animations quickly and easily. You get a range of characters and situations, and can really let your imagination run riot.”

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Some ideas for George Osborne

“Today George Osborne laid out his idea for a fantastic new venture – workers relinquishing their employment rights in exchange for company shares.”

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A-Z of Free Online Stuff – Flickr Commons

“Flickr probably doesn’t need a great amount of introduction – it’s one of the first ports of call for many for both image-hosting, and finding Creative Commons material. However one part of the site may not be so well-known to everyone…”

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