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Offbeat interview

On fortnightly term time Fridays, tucked away in Sheffield University’s Raynor Lounge, a venue that even in its recently extended form is still what you may call cosy, is Offbeat. Ran by couple Chris Stride and Gill Graham, it’s been keeping the local indie kids dancing away for a decade now, and shows no signs of stopping.

April 8, 2007 · Leave a comment

Kings Have Long Arms interview

“The last twelve months haven’t been the best for Adrian Flanagan. To the outside world the mastermind behind electro-loonies Kings Have Long Arms has still been the same old self-publicist in the beenie hat…

October 8, 2005 · Leave a comment

Arctic Monkeys interview

“It’s half past three on Saturday afternoon, and a small group of teenage fans are already huddled together outside the Plug, hopefully clutching posters and marker pens. Tonight sees the first home gig of Arctic Monkeys’ current tour, the one that coincides with them release their first single proper…”

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Truth & Beauty – interview with Mark Sturdy

“L2SB were at the launch of ‘Truth and Beauty’, a new book that finally tells the full Pulp story. We had a chat with author Mark Sturdy, and nabbed a couple of Pulp members while we were there.”

July 8, 2003 · Leave a comment

Hiem interview

Locked in their studio in the depths of the City Centre, Hiem have been carefully crafting some of the finest electronic music to come out of Sheffield for a good long time. It’s about to be unleashed onto the world.

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Beachbuggy interview

“It’s a Tuesday night at the Boardwalk, and Doncaster’s Beachbuggy are beginning a tour to promote their new album, ‘Killer B’.”

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Richard Hawley interview

“L2SB posed some questions to the man who played guitar for Pulp and the Longpigs, and forged a rather fine solo career for himself.”

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