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Long Blondes interview

The five young dandies known as the Long Blondes aren’t doing too bad for themselves. Since forming they’ve taken their infectious, sexy new wave garage pop across the country, wooed the London media, and supported a mysterious Scottish four piece called The Black Hands…

September 8, 2004 · Leave a comment

The Lovers interview

“Fred and Marion, aka The Lovers are everything you would think of as typical French hosts. Sandman meet them at their flat in Nether Edge, and is greeted with some glorious food and some fantastic French red wine.”

September 8, 2004 · Leave a comment

Pink Grease interview

“The first thing you notice about Pink Grease is you can’t imagine any of them doing anything else but being rock stars.”

June 8, 2004 · Leave a comment

Rumpus interview

“A hero’s welcome in the Channel Islands. Naked mountaineering in the High Peak. Titting about in churches. Birds with Phil Collins’ face.”

November 1, 2003 · Leave a comment

Fat Truckers interview

“You get the impression Fat Truckers get asked the same questions over and over again. Sandman is wearily asked if there’s anything about Electroclash on the question list, and there is obviously relief when I say no.”

June 1, 2003 · Leave a comment